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for the COVID-19 era

Bringing the arts to your child's virtual school day.

Wednesdays & Fridays

April 7-June 4

8:15am-3:15pm (start time is flexible)


We're adapting our programs to suit the needs of families looking for alternatives to an all-virtual curricula. Enter our weekday drop-off camps! Send your child with their backpack and lunchbox (and a mask!) and let us take it from there. We'll make sure they login to their virtual school but also get their creative juices flowing with projects from repurposing challenges to designer stuffie-wear, get their bodies moving at outdoor recess, and keep their hearts full as they get to be around other kids! 


Our small student-to-teacher ratio allows us to work with your child's virtual schooling schedule. Send us their schedule ahead of time and send them with their device and headphones and any specific supplies they need for their school day. We'll get them where they need to be, when they need to be, and adapt their sewing project for the day if needed. 

Each camp day runs from ~8:15am to ~3:15pm, with flexible start time depending on your child's school schedule. Register for Wednesday and Fridays or both!




Safety is our number one priority. Our stations are positioned 6 ft apart, we're sewing with masks,  and sanitizing routinely with regular hand washing breaks. See our safety plan here.


Small class sizes are more important than ever. Studio enrollment is capped at 11 students.


This one's a no-brainer! Our award-winning curriculum is back at it with structured and free-play sewing projects that teach kids essential skills while nurturing their creativity.


Every camp day includes outdoor play time for lunch & recess, weather and guidelines permitting.


We'll make sure your child is ready for school. Send them with their device & headphones, tell us their schedule and we'll have them hop on!


We recognize how important time with other kids is for your child's socialization. While projects and activities maintain social distance, kids get to have fun in the studio together playing & creating!

10% discount on sibling's registration

10% Sibling discount

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Camp Day Pack List:

  • Morning snack, lunch and water bottle.

  • Your mask!

  • If attending virtual school lessons, pack your child's device, headphones & any materials they might need. These can only be used when needed for lessons or schoolwork.

  • A book, game or stuffed animal for lunchtime inside on rainy days.

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1st Grade to 12 years




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Bella Vista Studio

800 S. 8th St, Philadelphia



April 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, May 5th, May 12th, May 19th, May 26th & June 2nd



50% deposit due at checkout

10% off sibling registration



April 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th & June 4th



50% deposit due at checkout

10% off sibling registration


Fall Weekday Camps FAQ

It looks like my child's virtual school schedule is packed. How will there be enough time for sewing?

Your child's virtual school day takes priority over our bonus arts curriculum. We will have rolling, seasonal projects available to allow children to enjoy sewing at their own pace (and as time allows) as a stress-free (and de-stressing!) supplemental activity in their day. For students looking for creative downtime during their breaks, but who are not in the mood for a structured project, a free-play "creativity corner" is in place at each studio with art supplies and creative prompts. Students who do not wish to sew or feel overwhelmed by their coursework will not be forced to participate. We are aware that many schools have chosen to end academic work around noon on Fridays, leaving Friday afternoons available for us to provide the option of more involved projects.

Who else is attending? How many people will my child be exposed to?

No more than 12 students will be enrolled in your child's camp day. Enrollment is seasonal, not day-to-day, so your child will be with the same pod of no more than 12 students each week. For camps with 1-7 children, there will be one instructor at a time. For camps with 8-12 students there will be 2 instructors at a time.

When is your start time? Will my child be logged in by their first class?

We have a flexible drop-off between 8:15-9am to accommodate start times for different schools. We will make sure your child is logged in by their first class and it will help if you already have a browser open with your child's login page. If your child has an earlier start time than 8:20, reach out to us to make arrangements.

My child has Gym (PE) during their camp day(s). How will that be handled?

Your child won't miss out on PE. Each studio has an enclosed outdoor area where students can perform exercises during their virtual PE class. Just be sure to send them in the appropriate clothes (we also recommend a yoga mat!).

My child has Art class during their camp day(s). How will that be handled?

There are two options for your child's art class. The first is for your child to participate in their virtual art class just as they would if they were at home (pack their bags with any specific supplies they require). Each student will have a work space that should accommodate any art project they are assigned. The second option is for you to contact your school's administration and request that your child's art class be replaced by our program. Not all schools may accommodate this request, but for those who do, we will have a project ready for your child during their art period. If your school requires proof of participation, we are happy to provide that.

How will you know my child's schedule and what their virtual login is?

Before the start of camp, we will communicate with you regarding what information we need to make your child's virtual school day a success. In short, you must email a copy of your child's schedule and any websites/log-in information to when you receive it. If possible, it will help if you can bookmark the webpages needed and save any passwords to your child's device. We will compile this information to make it easy for our teachers to access.

How does lunch/recess work?

Weather permitting (barring rain or extreme heat/cold), we will eat lunch outside and play at a nearby park. On days where students cannot eat outside, lunch will be eaten inside at work stations and instructors will lead games that lend themselves to social distancing. For groups with differing lunch times, an additional instructor may be brought in so that both groups can be taken outdoors for lunch during different periods.