Sewing projects delivered weekly to your door.

We're bringing Butcher's right to you! Become a member of our new Sewscription service and access our Best of Philly classes and projects from the comfort of your home. As a Sewscriber, you'll receive 7 weeks of Sewscription box delivery with everything you need to create a new sewing project at home plus access to an online class for that project plus tons of extra tutorials. It's creative get-away time for you or your child when you need it most! 


Sewscription boxes are perfect for adults who want to sew with or for children of any age or for children with some sewing experience ages 7 and up (children younger than 7 will just need more adult guidance). You will need access to a sewing machine and some basic supplies like scissors and pins (see our list below for our recommended supplies). Project examples include aprons, stuffies, pillows and more. Some projects may require additional adult guidance based on your child's age and sewing experience. 

SIGN UP ANYTIME. Sewscription boxes are available for US shipping only within the 48 contiguous states via USPS. We ship on Fridays for all orders placed before Wednesday (5pm) of the same week. Orders placed after Wednesday are shipped on Friday of the following week. 



A box a week delivered to your door, with all the materials you need for one project, including pre-cut fabric and notions.



Access to full-length instructional videos for each week's project so you can follow along at home.



Your first box includes a starter pack of machine thread, embroidery needles and bobbins so you can get started right away!


Each box comes with a printed pattern accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. 


Need some help with a technique? Our library of video tutorials explains everything from machine threading and beyond.


Access to a season of PDF patterns that you can download and print at home anytime.

Add siblings for $99/each

No need to fight over our adorable projects, we have enough for everyone! Add a second or third project to your Sewscription box each week for $99 per sibling for the entire 7 week season. 

Each Week You Get:

  • A delivery of your Sewscription box with all the materials (like precut fabric, felt, embroidery floss, buttons & ribbon) you need to complete your project. Please note that we cannot provide stuffing.

  • A printed pattern with detailed illustrated instructions included in every box.

  • Access to a pre-recorded online class guiding you through every step of your project.

  • A creative project to look forward to!

A new project to look forward to each week




Your first box will come with a starter pack of thread and embroidery needles you can use for the Sewscription season, but you will need some basic supplies to get started, many of which you may already have at home. 

The supplies you will need at home to complete your Sewscription projects are:

Sewing Machine

All Sewscription projects require a sewing machine. We use this machine in our studios. Any basic home machine will do. 


You'll need a pair of scissors for cutting fabric. We recommend these scissors for younger children and these for adults.

Pins & Chalk

Quilting pins are best for Sewscription projects. Use chalk, chalk pencils or a regular pencil to mark fabric.

Seam Ripper

Nobody's perfect! Seam rippers are used to undo mistakes in your stitching and always come in handy! 


Some of our projects require stuffing. You can either take apart old pillows, use scraps of fabric or clothes to fill your project, or purchase some Poly-Fil Stuffing.

Watch us open a box!

$199 for 7 Weeks 

Sewing lessons delivered to your door

I just wanted to say how thankful we are that you're doing these Sewscription boxes. Not only do they give [my daughters] the opportunity to connect and create together, they also give us the chance to support a beloved local business during this crisis.

— Mollie M.

Receiving the Sewscription kit was the highlight of [our daughter's] week.  Having a project to look forward to has provided her with a little bit of normalcy.

— Rachel S.

[Our daughter] loved her first sewscription box and sewing has been a welcome distraction - thanks for the great idea!

— Becky F.

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